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Underwhelming realities

For me, there’s a tension to everything right now. I’ve been having new conversations, and people have been disappointing me. No-one is meeting me where I am, and I’m tired of having to do so much legwork. And I wonder if it’s worth it, or if I’m walking the wrong way. Confronting reality is often… Read More »Underwhelming realities

Dishonest conversations

I’ve heard a few different arguments against using the word ‘privilege’ in my discussions. In recent years I have tried to take other people’s word at face value, to guard against too heavily projecting my own ideas. I’ve trained myself, even when I know they’re not giving me the truth, and especially when I know… Read More »Dishonest conversations

Unveiled spectacles

I’m quite a reserved person around most people. When those people aren’t looking, though, I am an unabashed, all-singing, all-dancing spectacle. I don’t know if the same is true for other outwardly reserved people. I’ve come to believe it is not, based on what I have heard, even though intuitively it feels like it should… Read More »Unveiled spectacles

Use each other’s eyes

We’re all stuck seeing things from wherever we see them from. And then we’re all stuck talking to each other from whatever place we’re seeing things from. We’ll never all agree. That’s not just okay, but desirable. But in times of disagreement, we really want to feel like we are seen. Often our entire aim… Read More »Use each other’s eyes