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hard truth

My post-modern brain

My brain got called post-modern in passing the other day. My first thought was what actually is postmodernism? I know Jordan Peterson doesn’t like it but I’ve never really paid attention to its exact meaning. So I looked it up and realised it is basically extreme relativism, but even its definition is kind of relative,… Read More »My post-modern brain

In Spirit

My last post made me feel a little bit vulnerable. Like I wanted someone who actually knew Adam to tell me it was okay to talk about him like that. Like the idea of showing it to them made me want to crawl into a hole and cover myself with mud. I have learned throughout… Read More »In Spirit

Impossible possibilities

One day, in the autumn of 2017, I was sitting in the cafe of the local library with my boyfriend and our few month old son. My coffee was too hot, we didn’t have much to say to each other, and I was scrolling through Facebook. The world around me went quiet as I lighted… Read More »Impossible possibilities

Circadian Rhythm

I’ve reached the point in my life where I am ready to fully surrender to the idea that I need in excess of eight hours actual sleep every night, if the next day is not going to be a slog of irritable lassitude. Thank you again, Surprise Christmas Fitbit. I have been very interested in… Read More »Circadian Rhythm

My face, their shit.

I have a habit of giving my power away in the very moments when I should claim it. No, it’s not a habit. It’s a deeply embedded instinct for survival that, presumably, at some point, served me, but no longer makes any sense in my life. I’m very clear with myself that I’m responsible for… Read More »My face, their shit.

Paper trail

I have a bunch of unpublished drafts sitting around here. It’s not that I forgot about this place. It’s not that I didn’t want to write. In part, I was concerned that I had more ‘important’ things to be doing, and spending my time on this every day would be detrimental. In part, I had… Read More »Paper trail