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I saw my first real life Tesla on a moderately busy stretch of motorway the day before my birthday in 2016. I believe it was around Birch services on the M62. Little nugget of completely inane detail for you there, I hope you enjoy it. It came up behind me in the outside lane and, instead of pulling over to let it past, I giddily sped up hoping to reach a speed where it no longer seemed eager to abandon me. When I passed 100mph the endeavour began to feel unsustainable, so I bowed out and watched as it sped off gracefully into the distance.

I hadn’t seen a Tesla since…UNTIL…a little trip I took last week, where I spotted fucking EIGHT! And six of those I spotted in a single HOUR!

So I was like, okay, clearly I haven’t been taking enough roadtrips lately, I haven’t come down ‘South’ in a while (I was still in the ‘North’ technically but I’ve had fights with people over where the North begins so let’s not get started on that), I’ve been living a sheltered life and missed the point where Teslas became a thing in the UK, because of course they’re not a thing yet in the True North. Up there we’re still just animal pelts and Nissan Qashqais.

And then today I was on my way to Morrisons to buy hazelnuts and a vegetable samosa when, LO AND BEHOLD, THERE WAS A TRUE NORTH TESLA COMING ROUND THE ROUNDABOUT BUT FIVE HUNDRED YARDS FROM MY VERY ABODE!

The world, it is changing.

Side note I also spotted my very first Polestar on said trip. TWICE. Both times on the A623 near Baslow, in case you’re interested.

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