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Maritime industry

Sometimes, things happen in life. It feels quite rare to me, that things happen. My life generally feels peaceful and uneventful, a millpond rather than an ocean, and sometimes I feel like maybe I should splash about a bit more just to make some ripples.

The reason I sometimes feel like I’d enjoy some more ripples in my life is mostly just for the practice. Ripples (or better yet, waves) tend to rock the boat, and I’d like to keep my sailing skills sharp. Because occasionally, the waves do come to me, and I don’t want to be overturned by them.

Anyway, my boat is rocking right now. At first it was exciting. Now I just feel a bit seasick. And I realise I need to ask the right questions to steady my ship. At first I was asking about the waves, but there’s only so much information you can glean about external and unpredictable forces. I realised today the questions I need to start asking now are about my ship. What can it withstand? What is it capable of? What are its weaknesses? Where could it go from here? Is it better to wait this out, or set sail for calmer waters? What trajectory should I set?

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