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I wonder how many abandoned blogs exist in this weird space called the internet. Ghost blogs. Gathering digital dust and cobwebs. Odd, inconsequential-seeming little time capsules.

As fascinating as I find abandoned things, I’ve decided to try not to let this become a ghost blog just yet.

Life got intense and, frankly, overwhelming, for a while, and rebooting this endeavour didn’t feel like something I could trust myself to commit to. And so I didn’t. And while I didn’t, it kept niggling at me every so often.

There are plenty of things in my life like that. Lots of creative niggles trying to get my attention. You probably have them too. But life is distracting, and it’s easy to brush them aside.

I think it’s important, though, to let some of the niggles get to you, and to follow through on them. To trust that you want them for a reason; that you’re being propelled in that direction for a reason. That there’s something valuable to be found in the trying, even if not the result.

And so here we are again.

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