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Running through

I have been running again lately. Not a lot, just weekly for about 40 minutes. And I have a running playlist for when I do the running. David Goggins says listening to music while running is cheating, and I am inclined to agree. It is much easier to run when you’re listening to the right… Read More »Running through

Ctrl, Alt…

I’ve always quite liked the idea of being in prison. I’ve never particularly been a fan of the things I’d have to do to end up in prison. And, I’ll be honest, committing the crimes is probably less offputting to me than being judged to have committed crimes. But the simple, structured, externally-imposed aceticism of… Read More »Ctrl, Alt…

Red pill

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to not see complexity in everything. Some people have a clear-cut way of seeing, and it leads them to conclusions they are fully capable of grasping. I have a meandering way of seeing, and it leads me down various rabbit holes, where I find murky and paradoxical… Read More »Red pill