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March 2017

Marina Palace Prestige

Today, while being driven around Ibiza, I learned that pregnancy has made me hyper sensitive to any challenge to my personal safety. MUST PROTECT THE BUMP.

Too Much Excitement

There are just too many things happening in my little world to remember about this blog. I’ll try to do better. I should probably set a reminder on my phone, shouldn’t I? I don’t suppose I’ve been taking it seriously enough. It’s funny how we make excuses for ourselves that really don’t stand up to… Read More »Too Much Excitement

The Little Move

So this week we moved house, and, shock horror, I actually missed a day! And then I pointed it out and didn’t even make up for it with a good following post!

Staring my bump in the face

We are going on holiday at the weekend. To Ibiza. Which is a bit weird. But also very exciting. It might even be sunny. I want to swim if it’s even the slightest bit warm enough to do so, which means I require a bathing suit of some kind. I have already discounted all the… Read More »Staring my bump in the face

The Resistance

I feel I’m facing a lot of resistance in my life right now, in quite a few different areas. It’s tough, but I keep reminding myself that a few months, maybe weeks ago, I was disappointed that my life was so easy. I like to think that when things are getting more difficult it’s because it’s time… Read More »The Resistance

Typing on my phone

Today I cried over a blocked toilet and a coat hanger. And not even just a little bit. A lot. Just in case I’d started taking myself too seriously.


Today I’ve been reading about birth. I’m planning a home birth which, if you know me, won’t be surprising. And every so often I have a little binge read about birth things. The first time I read about creating a comfy ‘nest’ area for early labour I couldn’t really imagine it. But today when the ‘nest’… Read More »Episiotomy

Bad Timing

I haven’t been setting myself up too well to keep this blog going the past couple of days. I had some time in the day that I could have done it, but I woke up feeling especially weird and groggy and I couldn’t shake it. Didn’t even do any knitting. By the time I got into a… Read More »Bad Timing


Almost forgot. I was going to write this earlier today, after I’d spent the morning watching business related webinars. Then I thought ‘no, Yve, wait until you’ve actually gone out and done some living’. Now I’m back and I’m no more inspired or well-equipped to write something than I was then. So this is just a quick rumination on how I… Read More »Oops

On Stubbornness

So I may have been talking about going with the flow yesterday, but historically I have a very strong record of stubbornness. Of trying to make things go the way I want them to. Even when almost all hope is gone, I have flogged many a dying horse to its last breath, and sometimes, admittedly,… Read More »On Stubbornness