The Resistance

I feel I’m facing a lot of resistance in my life right now, in quite a few different areas. It’s tough, but I keep reminding myself that a few months, maybe weeks ago, I was disappointed that my life was so easy. I like to think that when things are getting more difficult it’s because it’s time to get better. And all of the points of conflict I’m coming up against are for sure areas I want to improve upon. So I shall try to embrace the tumult and, most importantly, try not to be a dick about it.

It’s funny even to watch the progression of my resistance over writing this blog. At this stage, my brain is trying out ‘you did it for a while, you know what it’s like now, no point carrying on, it’s not like anybody else cares about it and, clearly, you don’t. So just stop. What’s the point? You’ve got more important things to be doing’.

And I do have some quite important things to be doing, for sure. But not so many that my entire day is consumed by them. Once again, a terrible argument made by The Resistance.

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