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April 2017


There was something else I was going to, perhaps, type about this evening, but I forgot what that was when I was confronted with a random flash of possibility. I can’t even remember what that flash was, honestly, other than something on E’s screen that I could see from halfway across the room. But it… Read More »Possibilities


I like assembling furniture. A few days ago, I put together the baby hammock we bought off Amazon. Today, even though I’ve been feeling exhausted and a bit like I’m on a rollercoaster, I dismantled the double bed in the spare bedroom so we could move some things around and make more space. There were… Read More »DIY


I wonder how many abandoned blogs exist in this weird space called the internet. Ghost blogs. Gathering digital dust and cobwebs. Odd, inconsequential-seeming little time capsules. As fascinating as I find abandoned things, I’ve decided to try not to let this become a ghost blog just yet. Life got intense and, frankly, overwhelming, for a… Read More »Reboot

Off the wagon again

The reality is I just can’t be bothered to type a blog post on my phone. I’ve also been super distracted and busy with holidaying, but really that’s what it comes down to. And that’s okay. I’m muddling through til I get home. Then I’ll get back to my beautiful laptop and flutter away on… Read More »Off the wagon again