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June 2017


Something reminded me the other day that I’m not 24 anymore. By reminding me that I once was. It was an oddly sharp realisation. A pang in my heart. 24 sounds so fresh to me now. Now that I’m 27, which is the age impressive people seem to be. I recall many times in my… Read More »24


Below is the last, unfinished, (until now) unpublished entry of my travel blog turned confessional of 2015. It doesn’t mark the end of the story – it’s likely the story of the three months I spent in America will remain unfinished like so many other stories. It doesn’t really say anything terribly important, but there’s… Read More »Throwback


These posts are not highly crafted – they’re mostly streams of letters flowing from my fingers that I grant a cursory edit to before hitting publish. Whether they should be or not, I can never totally make up my mind, but whether they will remain so is pretty definite. Occasionally I entertain the idea of cleansing… Read More »Seedlings

Looking in the mirror

Yesterday I was thinking about consciousness. I guess I think about consciousness quite regularly, but yesterday I was specifically considering consciousness in relation to my current pregnant state. I was pondering the fact that I have or am the same consciousness I always was, even during pregnancy. That this life altering period hasn’t altered that.… Read More »Looking in the mirror

An Ass of U and Me

Several years ago, I fell very irrationally in love. Doing so dramatically altered the course of my life, because my sense of self, my beliefs, my perception of reality, all shifted quite violently. Falling in love on that occasion turned out to be very important for me. But time and all things moved on. Now, with the dust more or less settled… Read More »An Ass of U and Me

The Giant Within

As part of my endeavour to drag myself out of inertia yesterday, I started reading ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ by Tony Robbins. It was time to start a new book anyway, and it seemed like, as unpalatable as the idea of trying to be better was to Exhausted Yve, Tony Robbins was probably what I needed.… Read More »The Giant Within

Circling the drain

My motivation has been on the floor these past couple of days. Yesterday was worse than today, admittedly – having to speak to anyone other than E or complete an action of any sort filled me with a dark and consuming dread. Today I am muddling through a few things on my to-do list and… Read More »Circling the drain

Once Upon A Time

In 2009 I opted to get a contraceptive implant. It meant I never had to remember pills, which I was terrible at, and it also, quite importantly to me, delivered the lowest dose of hormone of all the hormonal contraceptives. But there was a problem that soon became apparent. Even that low dose changed me.  I suffered from… Read More »Once Upon A Time

Sore throat

Perhaps it’s time for a more mundane post. I’m feeling a little under the weather. In related news, I’ve also been feeling more exhausted than usual lately, unless it is between about 3:30 and 7:30am, when I am often excruciatingly awake. Sometimes I get up, feeling sick from lack of sleep while also ravenously hungry, and try to… Read More »Sore throat


Nobody is reading this. Do I type more because no-one is reading this? But would I type more again if this wasn’t in my name? How would I feel if, for some bizarre reason, this ‘cat blog’ became of interest to a large audience? I think it’s important to be comfortable with our own truth. But… Read More »Anonymity