Still waiting

While pre-labour things have been happening intermittently for quite a while now, still nothing has officially kicked off. So Malachi is now a week ‘overdue’, although of course we’re still within a pretty normal timeframe. My timeframe for a home birth, on the other hand, is almost over, as there is only a midwife on call for me until 8am tomorrow. After that I will have to go into hospital. Which, more than anything, just seems like a big old faff.

I’ve tried the list of tricks, so at least I could say I have, but really they’re all just to encourage the cervix to do its preparation, and that’s all happening anyway. So now it is about surrendering to the will of the Universe. Or maybe just the will of Malachi. It will happen when it happens, and it will happen how it happens. That is all I need to know.

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