Recurrent Themes

Everything seems to come back around. Everything is some kind of repetition. All of these blog posts are recycled from some thoughts I’ve already had, or perhaps words I’ve already written, perhaps even from this very blog. And that’s what we seem to require as humans, for progress, and for meaning.

My life, my personality, my goals set and achieved…they are all a continuation from things they were before. Nothing is ever wholly new within me, and even the new parts came first from some place else.

I wish I had time to ruminate outwardly on the implications.

Big Tiny Creature

Yes, the creature is tiny. Yes, the creature is getting bigger. But mainly, regardless of size, the creature is big.

So roadtrips, exhaustion, extremely hungry creature and mastitis took me away from my keyboard. Just as I thought time was starting to make sense again, it wasn’t. And as I floated through the nebula of fresh parenthood, I vaguely wondered when there might be time for typing and knitting and sewing and yoga. But I think, really, if I want those things any time soon, I’ll have to redefine what ‘time for’ means. I’ve had eight minutes to myself with the tiny creature swaying in his hammock next to me, and he’s telling me he’s hungry again. And boy am I tired. But, looks, words.

I must learn to live my life in tiny chunks of less than ideal time. What once was vast is tiny. Because the tiny thing is vast.