When it’s worth it: Love and lose, jump and fall, try and fail.

silhouette of a man jumping into a lake at sunset

We don’t know if your mission will ever succeed. If your vision will ever be realised. But instead of wondering about that, ask yourself this: Is it worth trying anyway? Is the goal so beautiful that it’s worth the effort, even if you fail?

We all have dreams, and the sad truth is that most of us don’t ever truly embark on the journey toward them, let alone realise them. And why? Because we are scared. Because we’ve been conditioned to play it safe, and to play by the rules. We’ve been shamed for colouring outside the lines. We’ve been burdened with the knowledge of how things are.

We can live a perfectly fine life adhering to the rules we’ve been taught. We are lucky to live in relative comfort compared to other times in history and other places in the world. And we have a great deal of objective freedom to do as we please.

But, still, we are trapped. Frustratingly, not by anything real. We’ve been hijacked by our biological programming. I suppose it’s better than being one of those ants hijacked by a parasitic wasp, but still, we are not our own people. We live within the confines of what our fear allows. We live within our ‘comfort zone’.

Once upon a time, this kept us alive. Now, it keeps us stuck. Once upon a time, failure meant death. Now, failure is your opportunity.

Things have changed for humans. Things have changed a lot.

We have the power to manifest our dreams, but we’re still really bad at claiming it. Because we want it to be a sure thing. We don’t want to risk what we have in order to get it. We’re pretty unaccustomed to real peril, and so our perspective of it has become pretty skewed.

I am trying to do something that scares me every day. Specifically, something I’m scared to do in case it fails. In case it blows up in my face. In case it causes personal catastrophe. Usually this involves putting something out into the world when it’s imperfect and unfinished, when I have no idea how it will land, and that I lose control of once it leaves my hands. It’s usually something small, but something that could very feasibly go wrong.

I am doing this because I have some things I’m trying to start that are worth failing over. That are worth looking stupid over. That are worth going splat for. And the risk of not trying is bigger than the risk of not succeeding.

I know you have some things like that too, and I’d like you to take a good hard look at them.

I’m willing to bet the thing you’re afraid of – the thing stopping you from hitting the gas, so to speak – is not life or death. You’re probably afraid of embarrassment, vulnerability, humiliation, or something like that. You might be rationalising it to be something more practical, but if we drilled down, we’d probably find an emotion that you’re afraid to experience.

Drill down, I beg you. See how insignificant your trap really is. It’s probably not life and death. Don’t waste your inspiration; your excitement; your love. Don’t waste the beautiful expression of consciousness that you are.

Find the thing worth failing for, and go fail for it over and over and over again.

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