6 ways to deal when things get intense

Dealing with intense energy

There’s been a lot of energy flying around lately, and it definitely seems to be a collective experience. For some, it feels tied to the recent full lunar eclipse in Leo. My moon sign (and rising sign) is Leo, so maybe I’ve been feeling it extra keenly, but I am certainly not alone.

Collective energies are an interesting concept, and something that can make astrology and other tools difficult for many people to accept. But it can be thought of as a kind of shared resonance. There are wider, looser collective energies – all of humanity is a collective energy, for instance. And there are more focused collective energies, which are often much stronger, when a group has a lot of resonance – a lot of commonalities. Which is why a family usually has a pretty powerful collective energy. As I’ve talked about in a previous post, we are affected by the people around to a degree we’re often not aware of.

We are not a slave to collective energies, although it can feel that way sometimes. We have the opportunity to submit to them and allow them to take us where they will, resist them (which is never really the recommended option), or tune into an entirely different frequency if we don’t feel the one we’re in serves us. Choosing an option requires a good deal of consciousness, intention and, oftentimes, courage, which is why many of us get stuck in a state of partially accepting, partially resisting, and the whole thing gets quite uncomfortable.

The energies many of us are dealing with right now are big, and they have a lot to offer us, which is why they can feel so damn challenging. But we can make it easier on ourselves, so here are 6 coping mechanisms you may want to employ.

1: GROUNDING. Grounding is incredibly helpful when dealing with excess, errant or intense energies and emotions. It’s also easy, and doesn’t require as much focus as other methods. You simply let the Earth do the work. There are many methods available, but my favourites are the simplest: Get out into nature; sit on the ground, go barefoot, or get your hands into the soil. You want to make direct contact with the Earth, and the more the better during intense periods. You’ll feel the balancing effects almost immediately.

And yes, I know for many of us it’s winter, it’s very cold, and getting our tootsies out sounds like the last thing we want to do, but I promise that a few minutes prancing about with your soles in the snow will invigorate you like nothing else! Holding your hands under running water provides a similar effect, although I don’t find this to be as powerful

2: WORK HARD, REST HARD. Sometimes what is called for is a direction for all that energy to go in. Funnel it into your work, or a hobby that requires your intense focus. Get out of yourself for a period and become completely absorbed in the task of creation or service.

But then also, equally as importantly, once you’ve used some of that energy up and it feels manageable, take the time to allow your body to rest, and your mind to process. Give yourself complete and utter permission to rest. Don’t distract yourself with TV or social media, though – this needs to be quality time with yourself. Silence is best.

3: ENERGY WORK. Going to an energy practitioner can be supremely beneficial when you’re feeling overwhelmed, but you can also do this work on your own.

The techniques I provide in my free audio guide are all effective ways of rerouting energy to help balance your system, and can help to get you started. Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll receive access to the audio or, if you don’t want to sign up, just drop me an email and I’ll send it to you personally.

4: BREATHE. This is especially useful if you feel your head is so rammed full of all the stuff that’s been stirred up you can’t think straight. Breathwork gives you something specific to focus on, while oxygenating your body and cycling energy through your system to help clear out blockages.

There are lots of options to try, but it’s important not to hyperventilate. One easy method to try is breathing in for the count of 4, holding for the count of 4, breathing out for the count of 4, and holding for the count of 4, repeated for a period of time. I like to incorporate this into a walk to really get things moving – use your steps as the count measure.

5: OPEN UP TO IT. This is especially useful when you’re feeling the strain in your heart. When emotions are so high they feel overwhelming, and you don’t quite even know why. Like meditation, this kind of practice can take time to develop, so be gentle with yourself if you feel frustrated. Lie or sit comfortably, in silence, with no distractions, and set the very clear intention to open yourself up. To allow the energy to flow through you. To release all blocks and impediments.

Repeating a request/instruction such as ‘open me up to love’, ‘open me up to change’, ‘open me up to be of greatest service in the world’ can help to focus your intention and soothe you through any discomfort.

This is a very personal process. I highly encourage you to use your intuition. Feel into what this energy is offering you, and what things your soul is aching to shift and transform. Focusing on love and service are my personal favourites, because they keep the fear and ego at bay. Whatever you choose, keep it general and high vibing. This isn’t about trying to manifest something for yourself, it’s about expanding, so that the energy flows through you more freely and doesn’t get stuck. It’s a way of turning the situation over to the Universe.

6: SHUT IT OUT. This is for when you really aren’t ready to deal with it. When there’s so much that you don’t want to deal with the world at all. This isn’t going to get you any further forward, and it isn’t a method of processing the energy – this is simply a time out, while you get your face together.

Have a duvet day, watch sitcoms, eat chocolate and ice cream, and avoid all other living things for a while. Sometimes this is the only route you feel you can go, and that’s okay, but be aware that you may well miss the wave, so to speak. There will always be others though, as we will always be pushed to grow.

So there we have it – six coping mechanisms you can use when the energy gets high – regardless of whether it’s a collective thing or personal thing. I hope these are useful to you, and if you have any questions, please reach out in the comments or drop me a line!

[photo by John Doyle]

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