How to become greater than the sum of your parts.

collection of parts

We are complicated creatures, us humans. We are made up of many different ‘parts’; many aspects. While the goal would be to have them working in unison, they are more often in competition or conflict with each other, which can make the experience of being alive pretty damn confusing a lot of the time.

Do we want this or that? It feels like we want both. So which do we want more? Or which desire is right?

Do we believe this, or that? It feels like we believe both. So which do we believe more? Or which belief is right?

This is the kind of recurring struggle we face as we go about our little lives. It’s the kind of thing that can utterly paralyse us at times, leading us to circumvent our decision making. Some of us turn to superstition, procrastination, or finding some rules to follow. Whatever our coping mechanism, we’ve relinquished control of our lives when this happens.

The first step in resolving the power struggle raging within us is understanding what each of those competing parts of us are for. Why do they exist? What are they trying to accomplish? Are they there to keep you alive in a dangerous world? Are they helping you to make your mother proud? Are they seeking to fulfil your deepest desires? Validating a long-held belief?

When you find yourself in an internal battle, pay attention: Who is on the field? What is their goal? And which goal is truly the one you wish to achieve? This should help you find the way forward.

It’s important to honour every part, regardless of their motive. They have gotten you to where you are, and you’d be nothing without them. But if you are to be a master of your destiny, you need to understand your many aspects, so you can keep them in their rightful place and utilise them effectively.

Are your parts needing a tune up? See how we can work together to get you in alignment.

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