Sometimes, different is better than better

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If you’re anything like me, you want to be better. You want to organise your day better, or have better health, or deal with stress better, or just do a better job generally at some aspect (or maybe all aspects) of your life.

I’m biased, clearly, but I think that endeavour is hugely admirable. I think that desire to improve is vital to being a vibrant, healthy human. But sometimes we need to put it aside.

Sometimes, we just need to be different.

Sometimes, the constant endeavour to improve just gets us stuck in a rut of ever diminishing returns and a sense of grinding. And the most helpful thing we can do for ourselves then is just switch it up a bit. Instead of trying to move forwards; just take a sidestep. Just go in some other direction momentarily.

What don’t you do right now? Is there something rattling around in your brain that feels like you don’t identify with it but is kind of enticing nonetheless? It doesn’t have to be ‘good’ for you, either (although, I mean, it probably shouldn’t be terrible).

Just different.

I’m not suggesting anything too high stakes, but embodying a different energy for a while is going to loosen up your patterns and your comfort zone, it’s going to open you up to possibility and it’s going to teach you about yourself. You might not enjoy it, or you might enjoy it very much. But the thing that it will offer you most of all is a dose of contrast.

Contrast, in my opinion, is one of the major things that makes this world worth being a part of. It’s a great source of perspective, wisdom and joy. But only if we open up to it. When we contract at the idea of contrast, shy away from it, or worry that it will interfere with our neat little world, we get stuck.

I have no idea what different looks like for you. It might be chocolate, yoga, solitude, or getting on a bus. It might be overindulging or abstaining. But if some part of you is tired of the same old same old, or you feel like something’s snagging you right now, go try different out.

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