My nineteen cents

I was expecting something collectively major to happen in the first part of this year. I don’t especially know why, and I didn’t especially expect this, but, equally, this didn’t really come as a shock to me.

I also have never really seen it as…bad.

I’m in touch with the profound suffering playing out because of it all over the world, and that brings up many human emotions, from guilt to disbelief to desperation and beyond. I am trying to harness that in some meaningful way.

But, at my core, I believe that this is going to lead us, as a species, somewhere better. That this is showing us what we need to see before it’s too late. That it’s scary enough to have us take action, but not overwhelming enough to doom us all. That this event offers us a leg up our evolutionary ladder, now that evolution for humanity is a rather different beast from the natural selection of yore.

We have been tolerating unbearable suffering in so many forms for far too long. It became too acceptable. We became numb. We were sleepwalking into ruin. Maybe this will actually wake enough of us up, and stir us into the collective action needed to fucking clean this shitshow up.

We can do this. There is no going back, so we’ll go forward.

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