Celestial bodies

So the full moon is almost upon us, and I like to pay attention to the full moon.

I am not an astrologer. I have not studied astrology in any great depth. But I do find it a useful tool. It’s a deeply complex, nuanced tool that most people don’t care to use appropriately. But it can offer a structure for you to enter into the ebb and flow of life; the constant undulation of energy, of cycles, of revisiting, of death and rebirth and neverending unfolding.

I like it.

So I know that this is a full moon in Scorpio, happening right about on top of my natal Pluto, in my 4th house. And I have spent some time thinking about what meaning I can take from that. What opportunities may be available for me at this time. How I might experience this window of time.

Astrology cannot be disproven. Like most spiritual things, it’s not really about facts, so it’s too slippery to truly be tested. But, even if it’s not ‘real’, offering a focus – any focus – for some self-reflection and exploration, is probably a good thing. Even if it’s completely arbitrary. Which, in my experience, it isn’t.

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