Sometimes I get concerned by how much I type ‘I’ on this blog.

But I very deliberately opted to focus on my own experience primarily, because I didn’t want this to become some accidental attempt at a life coaching blog, which, given my preoccupation with self-development, it easily could. I wanted to try talking about me in a way that might offer you something.

So I will have to sit with the discomfort that, in making that choice, I have centred myself very firmly and ostentatiously.

I entered this endeavour in a kind of suspension. My mind, and life, a nebula. Stuff had blown up, not particularly recently, the dust had settled, gravity was starting to pull, but nothing had yet taken form. From that space, I didn’t want to be professing much of anything. I wanted to be observing. Documenting. Exploring.

I had nothing, in particular, to say.

I am still in that nebula, though shapes are forming. And I am still making the choice to keep talking, mostly, about myself.

More and more, I am realising; it’s really the only thing that I know anything about.

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