Red pill

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to not see complexity in everything.

Some people have a clear-cut way of seeing, and it leads them to conclusions they are fully capable of grasping.

I have a meandering way of seeing, and it leads me down various rabbit holes, where I find murky and paradoxical possibilities that thrill and terrify me in their impossible vastness.

While I like to think that allows me to see the world closer to its true form than if I just picked a reality and stuck to it, I’m not sure of its utility in the end.

One thought on “Red pill

  1. It’s something I’ve reflected a lot on too. It provides insights into some of the wonderful and terrible things in the world, makes you a seer of sorts. It’s unlikely to make you wealthy, help you to be decisive and efficient, can obliterate confidence (note: all common measures of ‘success’), but it’s a gift, and the Earth would be a better place if many more people like this lived on it / were seen and respected half as much as the men with the loud voices.

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