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Rapid Eye Movement

Last night I dreamt that we were going to drive to California to meet with TJ Browne, otherwise known as Arnold, who I had once sold my sewing machine to but turned out to be very important to something else now. He was born in Tombstone, Arizona and now lived in Wellspring. I had painstakingly traced his history to make sure he was the right person. So we picked up our hire car from the carpark by Marsden Grotto, and it turned out to be a Citroen C8, which I wasn’t very pleased about, because that wasn’t going to be very fuel efficient. I suggested we might have to offer lifts to California to recoup some costs, but E said we shouldn’t involve other people in this very private matter. Before we could set off on our journey, we had to take the three Chinese people who were with us back to wherever we had all come from, so we all got into the car, and then I woke up. I never got to find out how we were making it across the Atlantic.

When I have dreams like that, with lots of weird detail, I always wonder how my brain came up with them – how they came to be organised in such an intricate way to tell that particular story. Are there hidden messages? Is it fragmented memory or imagination? What other details have I forgotten? Are all dreams so richly populated with random flourishes such as this and we just forget? What if there is a world of random nonsensical details existing right next to what we think of as real life, and we actually just dip in and out of it?

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