I’m Yve. I’m 30 this month. I’m a woman. A mother. A seeker.

I’ve achieved some things in my life so far, like graduating university and surviving a 3 month long solo trek around the US with only my overdraft. I’ve learned from depression, anxiety, a crippling lack of self-esteem and a catalogue of other weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I’ve regained my lost faith a thousand times over.

But mostly…mostly I’ve failed. Sometimes I’ve tried and failed. Sometimes, honestly, I haven’t really tried at all. I’ve failed to create a viable business. I’ve failed to complete a Masters degree. I’ve failed in a huge array of social situations. And an impressive line-up of personal and professional projects. I’ve failed at relationships. Important interviews. Presentations, exams, applications. I’ve failed to show up. I’ve failed to deliver. I’ve failed to understand. At times, I’ve even failed to function at a very basic level.

What haunt me most are the times when I had the opportunity to create something exceptional, and instead created something mediocre. When I really could have succeeded beautifully, and I just…didn’t. Those, to me, are my most epic failures. Failures that other people never even had the opportunity to witness. Failures, at their core, caused by nothing more than fear. Of failure.

This site is one of my steps toward becoming courageous enough to create an exceptional life despite my petty human fears and failures. If you’re reading this, I hope it can also add some value to your life.