Yve Smith

Is this really who you are? Or are you just afraid?

A woman with her back to the camera, gaxing out to the sea in reflection

Everybody has weaknesses. Things they are not so good at. Things they always struggle with. Things that limit the life they’re able to create. There are many arguments about whether you should try to work on and strengthen your weaknesses, or focus instead on your strengths. Probably the answer is a mix of both. But, …

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With great responsibility comes great power

ship's helm

I believe we all live much fuller, happier lives when we take full responsibility for the living of them. Full responsibility for whatever is happening in our life. Full responsibility for our entire experience. Full responsibility. Responsibility isn’t blame. This isn’t about saying it’s your fault if you’re experiencing things you’d rather not be experiencing. …

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The power of crystals

a hand holding a large chunk of clear quartz crystal

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with crystal grids. This wasn’t something I’d ever felt inclined toward before, even though I’ve been familiar with them for many years. But one day recently, I guess my familiarity tipped over the precipice into curiosity. I’ve always enjoyed crystals, and so I had quite a respectable collection to work with. …

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You can’t rush progress

stop sign with the shadows of tree branches cast upon it

Sometimes you think you’re getting back on the straight and narrow, and then everything goes sideways again. My life changed quite drastically in October, and it brought new influences, new opportunities and new challenges to my life. But I came into it with determination, excitement and momentum, and I was forging ahead. For a while. …

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A time for ritual

Christmas tree with lights seen through boughs of another tree

We’ve just had the Solstice back to back with the Cancer full moon and, alongside the intense energy I’ve been feeling this past month, this combo called me back to the time in my life when I practised Wicca. The eight sabbats (the major festivals marking the wheel of the year) and the thirteen esbats …

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