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Baring it

I just posted a picture of myself in my underwear to a public thread full of people posting pictures of themselves in their underwear.

In a previous post I mentioned I’m a shameful exhibitionist. Yeah. I’m kind of sick of the shameful part. Still trying to be a fucking good girl? C’est impossible, ma chèrie.

Sometimes I worry that all my youthful beauty was wasted hiding itself and offering itself only to unworthy causes. And the sand’s running out on it now.

I’m 30 soon. That’s not old. I still have mileage. But I’ve studied evolutionary psychology and I know the further away you get from 25 the less, in general, anyone wants to see you naked. If you’re female, anyway. And I only have to look down to witness the ravages of pregnancy and childbirth upon my poor human flesh. Yeah, okay, join the club, Woman. A club that no Man has to join. Don’t tell me you don’t resent it.

I always felt it was egotistical to ‘flaunt it’. And so I shamed my egotistical self for wanting to. And now I’m thinking that was the most egotistical part of all. Mais c’est la vie.

And, no, I don’t know why the French crept in, although I guess I kind of do.

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