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Fudge or Spinach?

About a year ago, I was living in my own little studio flat in Wales, earning a steady wage and partaking in a simple and quiet existence. I got really good at loving the things that were good for me. Like walking, meditation, salads. I was a spinach girl. I could enthuse about raw spinach… Read More »Fudge or Spinach?

Cat Blog

So, because of the whole ‘Seth Godin told me to start this blog’ thing, I looked up Seth Godin and started reading some of his free ebooks. And I learned that I have probably started a ‘cat blog’- a blog “for and by and about the person blogging”. A self-indulgent blog. A blog that doesn’t necessarily warrant… Read More »Cat Blog

Seth Godin

A few months ago, maybe longer, I watched an interview with Seth Godin, and one of the many things that came up was how he blogs daily, and how he thinks everyone should blog daily. And that one thing stuck with me, and kept nagging at me, until finally, finally, I started a blog. I’ve… Read More »Seth Godin