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Cat Blog

So, because of the whole ‘Seth Godin told me to start this blog’ thing, I looked up Seth Godin and started reading some of his free ebooks. And I learned that I have probably started a ‘cat blog’- a blog “for and by and about the person blogging”. A self-indulgent blog. A blog that doesn’t necessarily warrant your reading it. Unless you are me.

I am at peace with that. This is my cat blog.  Wanna see an old picture of my cat?



So, now that that’s out in the open, what do I want to talk about today? Naps. I think I want to talk about naps.

See, earlier in my pregnancy, naps were an essential part of making it through the day. I was enjoying a concoction of nausea, heartburn, low blood pressure, back pain, hip pain, rib pain and all round exhaustion, so when it got to 2 or 3pm, it was high time I signed out for a bit. Like, for a few hours. Sometimes accidentally. Okay, mostly accidentally.

And then I started feeling a bit more functional and, provided I hadn’t, you know, walked too far yesterday or something, I could get through the whole damn day AWAKE if I wanted to.

And then I started experiencing that good old pregnancy insomnia I’d heard so much about. Sometimes because the creature inside me was wriggling about with startling force and speed. Sometimes, well…just because. And I’d lie in bed at night staring at my beautiful boyfriend’s infuriatingly asleep face. And I’d drift in and out of weird dreams all night where my grandma told me ‘PREPARE FOR WAR OR PREPARE FOR DEATH’ or I was trying to ask a company whether they offered cruises but I couldn’t remember the word ‘cruise’. I wish I’d been keeping a dream diary – I think I’m forgetting some of the best ones. Like the one I woke up laughing hysterically from and couldn’t contain myself for about 10 minutes. I bet that was a good one.

So sometimes I have lapsed back into naps. In a way that feels indulgent more than necessary. The past couple of days, I found myself snuggling down for a midday nap. And they lasted 2 hours. And I don’t think that’s probably ideal. So today I have powered through the midday time period without napping. Even though I started feeling sleepy. Well done me. That is all.

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