Healing journeys

Throw off your exoskeleton and rejoice!

close up of a crab peeking out of its carapace

Lately I have felt like I’ve been shedding a multitude of outgrown skins. Or shells, more accurately. Carapaces. That’s a nice word, isn’t it? Carapaces. It’s not that I’ve ‘grown’, per se – it’s that I’ve finally allowed myself to expand to the size I rightfully am. Or, at least, a lot closer to the …

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Lost in iteration – the misplaced pieces of You.

a golden key discarded among leaf litter and debris

I have been on an extended hiatus recently. At first it was because I got a sinus infection and my head was too filled with mucus to function adequately. And that went on for about a month. But then I simply needed some time to adjust. Because while my systems were offline they apparently got …

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You can’t rush progress

stop sign with the shadows of tree branches cast upon it

Sometimes you think you’re getting back on the straight and narrow, and then everything goes sideways again. My life changed quite drastically in October, and it brought new influences, new opportunities and new challenges to my life. But I came into it with determination, excitement and momentum, and I was forging ahead. For a while. …

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