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So, yesterday I decided to write a post (after a glass of wine or three, because sometimes it’s fun to write drunk) about how I was basically on Twitter because Lex Fridman. And I also mentioned how that was weird because Elon. And then, after posting, I bumbled around for a bit, drafting emails while I had the prosocial inclination, and collating my unwrapped Christmas presents, maybe had another glass of wine, and went to bed in a buzzed, exhausted haze. Then I woke up at 3:26am because wine, and I picked up my phone because stupid, and weird stuff was unfolding, or had unfolded, I don’t know exactly, it was the middle of my night.

Elon did a Twitter poll about whether he should remain head of Twitter, because of course. And Lex Fridman offered to take over, because…obviously I accidentally manifested it?

Without any insider knowledge, my foray into Twitter has all the qualities of an actual dream. Long may it continue, I say. What random stuff can I conjure next?

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