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Just a piece

I’m not here to challenge you.

Should I be?

I wrote somewhere around here about reading (or, more accurately, listening to) Untamed by Glennon Doyle and having it floor me. Because when I listened to her stories about herself and her life, I vividly saw myself and my life, completely different and yet somehow the same. And her revelations became my revelations, and her transformation became mine.

So I recommended very strongly that my best friend read the book. And she did. And when I excitedly asked her what she thought, she said yeah, it’s a good book, I’m enjoying it. But that was it. That was as far as it went for her.

I hope. That a few people read this blog and experience some kind of vicarious revelation, however small. But maybe they don’t. Maybe they just quite enjoy reading it sometimes. Maybe, sometimes, I just write a good post, and that’s as far as it ever goes.

I deliver myself to you. Just a piece. Just a sliver of a story. What you do with it is none of my business.

But maybe that’s a cop out. Maybe I should try harder. What do I want to give to you?

Maybe just whatever you want to take.

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