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Liminal space

I am not trying to get this blog seen yet.

I think the time will come, but for now this is my training ground. An experiment. A sketchbook.

You are, of course, welcome to be here. I’m glad you are. But the deal is that you’re here entirely of your own volition. I did not ask you to be here, because I don’t know what I have to offer you yet. I don’t know what this is yet.

I love to run before I can walk. I’ve gotten myself a lot of injuries that way, and in some sense I’ve worn them as a badge of honour. But I’ve been practicing a gentle meander for a while now, and I feel comfortable, at last, taking an easier stride.

So I will let this blog exist in the space between public and private, not trying to make it something it is not ready to be. And I will trust that, at some point, the time will come to let it unfurl.

Until then, thank you for bearing witness to this process I am going through.

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