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Lowered sights

This is the first day, this time around, that it’s been tempting to phone it in.

My lower back is a world of pain today. No logical reason for it. In the past few weeks there have been plenty of times I’ve thrown my son around in absurd ways, or completely overexerted myself in the name of entertainment, or not moved anywhere near enough in a day, or sat in bizarre and uncomfortable positions for way too long, and none of that has had any discernable impact on my spine.

But today, after a few sensible days of gentle morning yoga, afternoon walks and no instances of foolhardy overreaching, I was standing in the kitchen and it started to feel like my lumbar vertebrae were falling out.

So there has been too much toddler TV today, just as I was consciously trying to curb it. And I have been snappy and exasperated in the face of physical demands. And the hours stretched out forebodingly ahead of me at 2pm today. And I couldn’t be bothered to think of something to write about once I shut up shop.

But it’s okay. It’s all remarkably okay. I think I may, in fact, be resilient.

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