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Much Horse

Today is my ex-horse’s birthday.

He’s still a horse. I think. He’s just not my horse anymore.

Although technically I wonder about that because he might still officially be on long-term loan, seeing as his new owner never paid me the agreed upon fee following the trial period. Pregnant, weak-spirited and with nowhere to keep a horse, I just let her have a free horse. But maybe she still thinks she’s just borrowing him five years later?

He’s 11 today. Prime of his life. I bet he’s magnificent.

I’ve been thinking about horses a lot lately. I actually dreamt about thinking about buying a horse last night, and I only just remembered. Horses have taken so much of my money over the years, and transformed it into joy and peace and liberation. The presence of a horse-shaped hole in my future bank account seems inevitable, but it’s not quite time just yet.

2 thoughts on “Much Horse”

  1. Yes, it’s Rory from Twitter. Good to meet another horse lover. You even love their penchant for emptying one’s pocket….while filling one’s heart. I like to say, “I had a horse farm. Most fun I ever had losing money.”

    1. Hi Rory! Horses are indeed glorious money bonfires – I hope to have more money to burn on them again some day. Thanks for visiting and commenting – I migrated to a self-hosted site last year and lost almost all trace of my (admittedly modest) ‘engagement’, so thank you for making the place feel just a little bit lived in again.

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