"I was going through some personal and relationship issues, and Yve’s calm and thoughtful perspective truly helped me tackle these problems within myself. I am not being dramatic when I say she changed my perspective on life. After discussing these issues we did a Reiki session and, despite being slightly sceptical before hand, I am amazed at what it brought out in me. I left buzzing with energy and found a new focus within myself that I carry with me every day. I can't thank her enough for all she has done."
Photo of Harri Williams
Harri Williams
"I was hoping that my session with Yve would give me another angle from which to look at my life. I didn't really know what to expect but the reading turned out to be eerily accurate. It allowed me to think about my life and who I am in a completely different way. It offered me some explanations as to why I may feel certain a way but also offered the comfort of knowing that these explanations do not tie you down; you can clear things away and start fresh. I really enjoyed the casual style of the session, and the experience as a whole. It left me feeling really excited and hopeful. I would recommend a session to anybody with an open mind, who sees the benefit in learning more about themselves."
"Yve is a very rare human being. She is astute, wise, insightful, empathetic, respectful, and trustworthy, and she exudes these qualities in every encounter. She is genuinely interested in people, from all backgrounds. Her considerate approach reflects her wisdom and people-centred nature, and knowing that Yve is driven by these interests and values at once puts you at ease. She is a wonderful person and a consummate professional."
Martin Jones
IT Manager, Aberystwyth
"I have to say you did an amazing job it was like I'd been wandering around for a few years with a haze and then I felt clear and grounded for the first time in ages.

During the session I felt very calm and I felt a lot of manic energy leaving my body. I felt quite drained following the session but for about 3 weeks after I felt calm, in control and a lot more serene in life generally.

I've had a few sessions now and I always feel the same afterwards, and I'm a lot happier and grounded."
Stephen Moss-Evans
Care Co-ordinator, Cardiff
"You gave me a lot of insight into things and it was very helpful. It's prompted me to become more accepting and to be mindful of the opportunities that may come my way."
K. Hillcoat
South Shields