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Not quite up for dancing

Today has been a long day.

We skipped our exercise time becase I was just too bloody exhausted. When we skip our exercise time, it is always a long day, but I’m not confident enough to proclaim causality.

Instead of doing acrobatics to ‘Hey Ya!’, followed by ride-on yoga and our dinosaur inspired workout routine, we played lazy-mammy-bed-wrestling, where I lay down and wrapped my arms around him and he tried to escape for twenty minutes or so. Then we ‘pretended’ to go to sleep. I got away with that for about three minutes. Then we read about dinosaurs for a Very. Long. Time.

It seems especially important right now to go with it when a low energy day arises. Preserving one’s sanity is of paramount importance, and burnout of any kind is to be keenly avoided.

So I didn’t do the dishes or the washing. I chose the easiest meal options. I let him come up with the ideas for what to do with our day. For most of the day, he played with trains and jigsaws while I lounged nearby and politely declined his orders. This afternoon we made tea and biscuits and watched TV together. At one point he demanded I tickle him while singing Sara Bareilles songs, which seemed like a good – if very bizarre – deal to me. And he climbed and clambered and undulated over my lethargic form at every opportunity, with me quietly hoping it counted as exercise.

I am constantly trying to find a balance of how much to control, and how much to relinquish. Days like these get me closer to figuring it out. But I do like it better when my body’s up for dancing.

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