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On the hook

I am now, officially, entirely responsible for all the inadequate design choices on this site.

Some of them are simple mistakes I’m still catching. Some, undoubtedly, are in fact my misguided taste. Either way, it’s all my fault.

I was paying more than I needed to to keep this thing going, because I wanted to keep things simple. I wanted to remove as much friction and as much decision-making from the endeavour as possible. I needed that, at one time, for it to exist.

At least, I had convinced myself I did.

But the truth is I used to build WordPress sites from scratch back in 2010 – I know my way around enough to have no issue maintaining a personal blog in 2023 (or indeed 2017). I wasn’t driven by technical ignorance – I was abdicating responsibility because I’d been urged by various factors to believe that I was incapable, in a sort of holistic sense.

When I got billed this time around I had to take a good look at what I was paying for, and why I was paying it. All my Premium Package was doing now was frustrating me with guardrails, as it had been for some time.

So now I’m free. To make mistakes and silly choices. To fix things that go wrong, and to make things better, even though it takes longer. Or, indeed, to choose not to. To own things just a little bit more.

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