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Something I have thought about quite a lot over the years is how, as a youngster, I lacked accountability. I was terrified of the consequences of being found out to have made a mistake, and I lived in an environment which made it easy not to be discovered. Culpability became this black box of horror… Read More »Accounting

Sifting sharp pieces

Something I have realised I need to do some serious work on right now is owning my mistakes, missteps and failures more authentically. I instinctively absorb blame whenever a situation doesn’t go as I’d like. Because of this, and because of the story that blame creates in me, I will ruminate over how to make… Read More »Sifting sharp pieces

Victim and Perpetrator

I have been The Victim, and I have been The Perpetrator. I am keenly aware of these two truths. Sometimes my trauma gets rekindled and I fall back into helplessness. Sometimes I relate all too easily with another’s misdeeds. Neither of these positions are a good place to be. Neither are happy. Neither are without… Read More »Victim and Perpetrator