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Positive regard

Seems silly to kill a streak for no good reason. Dave Hause sent me down a little winding path of nostalgia today. I haven’t spent much time looking back this past year. I mean, I have in an unwitting, flashbacky sort of way, when my pain has overridden my reason and demanded I gallop through… Read More »Positive regard

Dave Hause

I didn’t make any resolutions about this blog. My resolution this year is to get filthy rich. To be as selfish and glorious as I was always destined to be. To cultivate my Great-and-Terrible-Queen-type energy. But mainly to get filthy rich. I think that’s really all I came here to say. And when I opened… Read More »Dave Hause

Lost to the grind

Sometimes I miss who I used to be. Mostly not. But occasionally, in an old photo, I’ll see a glimpse of a girl I’d forgotten I’d been, who hadn’t gone through quite so many traumas and challenges, and who probably wasn’t really as bad as I sometimes like to condemn her as. And I rue… Read More »Lost to the grind