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Too Much Excitement

There are just too many things happening in my little world to remember about this blog. I’ll try to do better. I should probably set a reminder on my phone, shouldn’t I? I don’t suppose I’ve been taking it seriously enough.

It’s funny how we make excuses for ourselves that really don’t stand up to scrutiny. I’ve totally forgotten all about this blog for the last day and a half. Which is a different issue entirely from procrastinating the writing of it. But there is an equally simple solution. Find a way to remind myself.

I’m heading off on holiday tomorrow, which will undoubtedly lead to even more reasons to not write. But there will be some easy solutions to any of them. I could have even planned in advance to have some posts ready. I had thought of that, but I wondered if it would be cheating. And I’m still not sure.

And now I should finish my hasty holiday preparations.

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