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Topical writing

Perhaps it is self-centred of me not to have thought about writing about covid-19 until now, considering the resurrection of this blog is largely thanks to the lockdown it has demanded.

But what do I really have to say about it?

That I’ve subscribed to Dr John Campbell on YouTube and watch his videos daily as my main source of information, mostly taking his well-informed word for it but occasionally noticing a flaw in his interpretation of scientific papers and wondering if I should be paying more attention?

That I threaten to burst into tears whenever I see, hear, or even think the letters N-H-S?

That I remain in concrete terms unaffected and distant from the true sacrifice and suffering so many have endured and are enduring in the face of this virus?

That, after weeks of being obsessed with it, I’ve stopped watching the news?

I’ve been having a nice time. Yes, lockdown has brought with it some challenges for me, but it has also honestly felt indulgent. I am incredibly lucky to have been able to simply enjoy being with my son more, and enjoy being with myself more. It has reminded me of my priorities and my sources of joy and, while that has raised some important and difficult questions for me, it has been an unequivocal gift.

Perhaps it is self-centred of me to be enjoying this time. I think about that sometimes. I think many of us may be plagued with that guilty idea. But I don’t think I’d be doing anyone suffering any good by trying to suffer along with them. So I’ll stick to being grateful for my simple quarantined world, and at least trying not to be part of the problem.


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