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Under the sky

It’s amazing the clarity that can come just from standing under the sky for a few quiet moments.

It’s something I forget to do – it’s easy to get caught up in work, or chores, or scheduled activities. Easy to keep the quiet reflection for bedtime. But there is a quality to The Outside that is infinitely more than the inside. There is really no comparison. It draws your focus outward.

I stood outside with my morning coffee and couldn’t help but reflect on the beauty of the world, the ingenuity of humanity, but also the vast superiority of nature, the enfoldment of human endeavour into nature, the gradual alignment of the two as our understanding progresses…

Back inside four walls, my thoughts are bounced back toward myself – it’s easier to think about my little life, and all its little problems; my little mind, and all its little failings. The wider world is shut out. Sometimes I like that. But it makes it easy to forget what lies just on the other side of some bricks and plaster. And sometimes I do.

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